Welcome to the Peers of Beinan series
A whole new galaxy awaits you in the ever expanding Peers of Beinan universe.  Whether it's romance, adventure, murder-mystery, science fiction, fantasy, or paranormal stories, there is something for everyone in the Peers of Beinan Series books and novellas.

Structured as a series of interconnected trilogies, detailed timelines in each trilogy's "data files" companion book connect each trilogy together. Novellas typically tell stories outside of the current trilogy such as The Poisoned Ground which is set during the reign of King Gareth I.

Short Stories/Novellas:

The Poisoned Ground
​The First King 
Good-bye A672E92 Quintus

The Anlei's Legacy Trilogy:

The Great Succession Crisis Extended Edition
The Ghosts of the Past
The Complete Data Files of the Anlei's Legacy Trilogy
The Lost Tales of the Anlei's Legacy Trilogy

The First King is completely free!  Get your first look at book four!